I am guilty of having been a ‘three day monk’!

‘The three day monk’ is a term to describe the situation where someone becomes insanely obsessed with something for a  short period of time, only to abandon it completely afterwards!

We do this with new habits, diets, learning skills and in sports! 

I have been guilty of this in regards this blog. When I set it up, my goal was to simply write a blog post once a month. At the time, it felt like a very small goal that would be easy to accomplish! Yet 6 months on, I haven’t kept to this! 

Consistency is everything. One blog post a month might feel like nothing but if I had followed this rule for the blog I started at 15, I would have written 120 posts by now!! 

We set out trying to achieve ambitious things and end up achieving nothing because our ambition isn’t matched by sustained effort over time. But when we realise we have lapsed, we can simply restart!

SO from today, I am once again committing to posting once a month. And for accountability, if you are someone I see IRL, if I haven’t written a post by the end of a month, coffee and croissant is on me. 

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