Seeing things through: Step 1: Taking Inventory

We are naturally drawn to shiny new things that offer new solutions to our problems. Reminding me of fast fashion, fast self-help involves not utilising everything that you already have and getting distracted by everything that is advertised around you. This is a real problem because results, by definition, require us to stick with things and follow through to completion.

To begin building a habit of following through, we can start by taking inventory

1. What information do you have that you aren’t utilising?

This could be good advice that you read or received but never took any actions off the back of. It could be the habits you know are great for you but don’t implement.

2. What projects have you started and not completed?

This could include projects, big and small, that you are behind schedule on or have completed forgotten.

3. What are some products that you’ve bought but haven’t used as you intended?

This could include objects, services or memberships. Do you already have what you need to achieve your desired results? Are there free materials available to you that you could use? These are questions to come back to every time you want to buy something.

It has never been easier for us to buy something new with a click. What differentiates someone and produces results is their ability to consistently utilise what is available to them. Results aside, this is also great for your bank balance and the earth.

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