Finding the idea in me!

I have known for a while that ultimately I would love to have my own business. (Why that is so is for another time!)

I won’t say that I have not made any progress towards this goal because without the benefit of hindsight, I don’t know how everything in my life will connect together. But what I can say is that I haven’t backed up my desire with the rationale consistent steps that I would have advised someone else to take. That changes now!

My starting point

The ‘bad‘: I don’t have a concrete idea yet and I don’t have substantial practical knowledge across the key aspects of starting or running a business!

The good: I like learning things (like jiu jitsu!) and creating things (like this blog!) and when I really enjoying something, I can get lost in it. I love reading and the process of gaining knowledge is enjoyable to me rather than a hassle. Lastly, from my studies and career, I have a bunch of other useful skills, experience and a confidence in my ability to figure things out.

My initial plan:

Note: I’m a complete newbie so these are just some initial thoughts to get my brain juices flowing!

1. Finding my idea

Taking the advice of Alex Pellew and Martin Amor from The Idea in You, I commit to experimenting – trying and creating new things everyday – until my idea appears.

I also commit to paying more attention to the world around me. I have started an already growing list of problems I spot and solutions I can think of aka baby business ideas!

2. Gaining Knowledge

It is a no brainer why business knowledge would be important once you have an idea to work on. But even before that, I think we are more likely to see opportunities around us if we know what is possible and how. I sometimes dismiss ideas in my head just because I have no clue how I would ever transform them into reality.

For a split second this morning, I considered a business related masters degree. Then it occurred to me that I don’t need a piece of paper saying I’m qualified. I need the knowledge and confidence that I would obtain from the process of doing the degree.

So instead I have started looking for reading lists for books and other materials used in MBA degrees. I am looking forward to delving into these but first, heeding my own advice, I will reread books that are already in my collection because I know for a fact I have not fully acted upon them, starting The Idea in You. Look out for book summaries to follow over the coming weeks!

Bonus: Lastly, I will begin the process of letting go of the untrue thoughts that owning a business is something that comes naturally to others and not to me.

Final words

It is scary saying what I want out loud but even more so, it is exciting to be raw and honest and share the very beginning of what may be a long and challenging journey.

Perhaps one day someone reading these blog articles will find them useful. But at the outset, the process of writing helps me organise my thoughts and serves as a compass to my ship. For when I have a million thoughts and feelings running around inside, I enjoy coming back here and reading the few that I felt were worth sharing.

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