Marathon Training Record

I have signed up to the Manchester Marathon on 16 April 2023! I’ll be raising money for Sense – a charity for people with complex disabilities.

This is my first marathon! I have done a 10k before and a half marathon on September 2021 but have not run since. So I am giving myself a good 31 weeks to train to hopefully finish under 5 hours or dare I dream sub 4:30!

This is a training log to record how my progress!

Week 1 (12 Sep 22 – 31 weeks out)

This week I focused on coming up with a strategy. I set my marathon goal, established the paces and lengths for my tempo, speed and long runs and researched strength training for runners.

Weeks Focus Goals by end of period
1-14Build my base (Follow a half marathon training plan) Long run of 6 miles, weekly mileage 10 miles
8 – 14Continue Half Marathon Training
Race on Dec 18
One 10 mile run done, weekly mileage of 20 miles)
14-3116 week FIRST Novice Marathon training plan including an extra week to give myself leeway for illness or injuryOne 20 mile done, shorter long runs e.g. 10 miles done at race pace
31 weeks of training broken down

MON 1.52 miles tempo (10:33 mile pace);

WED 2 miles (11:50 mile pace) Note: I tried out low HR training for this run; trying to run at a pace where I could keep my HR below 150. I found this impossible. The only way I could was to stop and walk. So after looking at advice on The Marathon Handbook, I decided to park low HR training until I am a couple of months into my training.

THU – Leg Day – focused on running specific exercises.

SUN – 3.1 miles ( mile pace 11:32)